BUSTED: Voting Fraud Mastermind Visited the Obama White House 342 TIMES!

Voting fraud

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video exposing voting fraud by Democratic operatives has now reached the highest levels of our government. WeaselZippers.us has now revealed that Robert Creamer, the man behind much of the fraud and Trump rally violence, visited the White House 342 times. 47 of those visits were with Obama himself.

As the video shows, Creamer bragged about his efforts to the undercover operative recording him. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think he did the same sort of bragging to the President and Clinton campaign officials. More likely, Creamer used the 342 visits to take orders from Obama and his staff. What else would they have discussed?

The good folks at Weasel Zippers broke the connection by searching White House records:

47 of those visits were direct visits with Obama. Several of those visits included Michelle Obama.

In the video where Democratic operatives talk about how to conduct mass voter fraud, Scott Foval describes Creamer in the videos as the ‘black hat’ guy who has taught him so much. Creamer also shows up on another video which covers inciting violence at Trump rallies. Creamer states on video that Clinton is aware of his work, and that his firm, Democracy Partners, has a daily telephone call with the Clinton campaign to coordinate.

Here is the record of Creamer’s visits to the White House:

voting fraud

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