BWAHAHAHA! Look who Democrats called to serve them food during their “courageous” sit in…

Wow. Tastes like hate? Nope. Tastes like hypocrisy.


Democrats have been making a dramatic scene in the House this week by staging a “sit-in” with hopes to force a vote on further gun control laws, spurred by Omar Mateen’s attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando.

But even politicians get a little hungry when they are busy sitting on the floor, so they decided to call for some delivery—and conservatives will probably get a kick out of what they ordered.

TMZ caught interns bringing in a big cart of Chick-fil-A for the famished protesters.


Look I don’t blame them one bit. I very very VERY rarely eat fast food. The only exception (and I mean ONLY EXCEPTION) to this is Chick-fil-A. Their food is awesome, I don’t walk away with my digestive tract thinking I have dementia and that I mistakenly believe my stomach is a garbage disposal. Their service is as awesome as the food. I don’t blame anyone for wanting it.

So, good for Democrats after all these years for setting their ideological and intellectual bigotry aside (which is really roughing it for them) and enjoying some of the best fast food chicken money can buy. If any good news is to come from Democrats acting like children throwing temper tantrums (which isn’t news at all) then I’m glad it’s that.

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