Moonbat Gov. Jerry Brown Ripping Off CA Citizens Through Car Tax Extortion

Jerry Brown

It seems California cannot manage its annual budget, again. To make ends meet, the Democrats running the state are putting the burden on its citizens. Again.

The public pension, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) is reportedly at its breaking point. With a $1.6 billion dollar deficit, the state is in dire straits.

To remedy the situation, current Governor Jerry Brown is proposing a 42% increase in gasoline taxes and a 141% increase in vehicle registration fees. This would result in an increase in gasoline by $0.17 per gallon and an additional $65.00 per vehicle registration.

Brown wants an 11% increase in pension spending over last year. These additional taxes burden California citizens, who already have the highest personal tax rate in the nation, as well as the highest corporate tax rates.

Past attempts to raise these same taxes resulted in a public opposition meltdown on the level of Milo Yiannopoulos visiting UC Berkeley.

Citizens of California, I have a solution. This unfair gas and vehicle tax inappropriately burdens those who own a car. People in the city who rely on public transportation will see minimal increases. Those Californians who have to commute hours each day will pay dearly. Gov. Jerry Brown should hear our concerns.

We should approach this problem using tactics a typical liberal would.

First, generate publicity. Violence and social media make this affordable, accessible, and easy. If violent protests fail to make a change, consider a lawsuit.

An appropriately liberal judge will conveniently find the tax unconstitutional. Liberal judges never took classes on the constitution, or law, or anything really. I can recommend one constitutionally ignorant judge in Washington State who makes decisions based on . . . Well, no one really knows.

This Car Tax is unfair. Here are alternative methods to raising the money, and a heck of a lot faster:

*Latte tax
*Botox tax
*Tattoo tax
*Tattoo removal tax
*Plastic surgery tax
*A hefty fine, per word, to each Hollywood celebrity that offers his/her political opinion publicly
*A quadruple tax on every ‘tiny dog in a purse’ a person carries

Alternately, simply refuse to let anyone retire until after they are confirmed dead. That is pretty much the economic outlook for many in the Midwest right now thanks to the Obama legacy.

California is another prime example of a liberal run state. Eventually they all run out of money. Taxing the individual to pay for liberal agendas and financial mismanagement is the only song liberals know. Yet, California keeps putting the same people in power and expecting different results.

Tired of that yet California?

What do you think of the new car taxes and fees proposed by Jerry Brown? Let us know in the comments!

H/T: Stonegait Institute

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