California TROLLED with Fake Highway Signs After Becoming a Sanctuary State

sanctuary state

As of January 1, 2018, California became an official sanctuary state, making it illegal for authorities to question anyone about their immigration status.

In response, someone hung fake highway signs at the state’s border with Arizona and Nevada, slamming Democrats and giving Republicans everywhere a chuckle.

The Daily Mail has more on the signs.

Joke signs were posted on California highways as The Golden State became a sanctuary state in the new year.

Posted under the ‘Welcome to California’ highway signs, they read: ‘OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE, Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome! Democrats Need The Votes!’ along with the seal of California and the Democratic Donkey symbol.

It is unclear who is responsible but multiple signs were posted greeting motorists as they enter from Arizona and Nevada on Highway 95.

California officially became a ‘sanctuary state’ on Monday after the law Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed in October took effect.

The law prohibits police in the nation’s most populous state from asking people about their immigration status or participating in federal immigration enforcement activities in most cases.

sanctuary state

California is home to an estimated 2.3 million illegal immigrants.

‘These are uncertain times for undocumented Californians and their families, and this bill strikes a balance that will protect public safety, while bringing a measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear everyday,’ Brown said on the day he signed the bill.

In the meantime, the Trump administration has been pledging to crack down on sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Trump repeatedly pointed to the case of Kate Steinle, a woman who was fatally shot July 1, 2015, on a San Francisco pier by an illegal immigrant. The defendant went on trial for murder, but was acquitted in November 2017.

‘No wonder the people of our Country are so angry with Illegal Immigration,’ the president tweeted after the verdict, which he called ‘disgraceful’.

Journalist Jack Posobiec tweeted out pictures of the signs.

No one has yet come forward to take credit for the signs.

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