Californians didn’t vote on Super Tuesday, but these fools admit to voting anyway…

Jimmy Kimmel is great with these gotcha man-on-the-street videos. He showed this bunch of LA losers a few months ago people endorsing Donald Trump’s tax plan when they thought it was Hillary Clinton’s.

Now he’s getting them to admit they voted on Super Tuesday, even though California doesn’t have primaries until June.

The best part is the Marilyn Monroe impersonator who says she had to reregister from the Green Party to Democrat so she could vote for Bernie Sanders (of course). The problem with that is California has open primaries, meaning the top two vote-getters go to the general election, regardless of party. That means that all voters in all parties have the opportunity to vote for any candidate, and that lying sack of liberalism didn’t need to reregister to vote for Sanders.

Notice not one of these idiots admitted to voting for conservatives, it was all either Clinton, Sanders, or Trump.

It’s time to vote California out of the union (and I live here).

Lie Witness News – Super Tuesday Edition

We asked people in Hollywood if they voted for #SuperTuesday – they lied. #LieWitnessNews

Posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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