Calling Cruz the “Anti-Reagan” shows how the GOP really is the stupid party


“(T)here are two parties: the silly party and the stupid party. I’m too old for the silly party, so I had to join the stupid party.” – P.J. O’Rourke

Donald Trump is the personification of the “EFF YOO!” that the base and grassroots have wanted to deliver for so long to the GOP and conservative elites who are more interested in being good soldiers than vehicles for keeping the GOP ideologically honest. Even though he’s not even on the “list” of candidates as far as I’m concerned, I appreciate Trump for that, if nothing else.

At this point the viable alternatives are few. If you believe the polls at this moment in time we’re basically down to Trump vs. Cruz, with Rubio and Carson trailing in the distance, and everyone else remaining will basically stay a footnote, short of divine intervention.

The conservative stars are starting to line up for Cruz, and I’m starting to think that conservatives winning is like the full moon that transforms establishment Republicans and conservative elites into RINOs.

Media elites on the right (clearly, at the behest of the GOP) are responding to the Cruz surge by calling him the “anti-Reagan”  at Commentary, and an impostor at the Wall Street Journal. Cruz scores 100% with Heritage and 97% with the Conservative Review.  The stupidity, from the stupid party, of trying to distance a clearly rock solid conservative from Ronald Reagan plays right into the hands of the preposterous meme the left constantly foists on the public conscience that Reagan is too liberal for today’s GOP. With Cruz’s perfect/nearly perfect conservative ratings it’s only logical to assume that in distancing him from Reagan that Reagan would have nowhere to go but down…as if Reagan would be returning to the Democrats, who not only left him in the 60’s, but 50 years later have left the Constitution and America itself.

Come on WSJ…if the comments are any indication, your readers know better.

If there are reasons the elites don’t like Cruz then they need to spit it out through their mouths instead of their asses, because the two articles I link to are short on sense and very full of stink.

Of course, there are reasons, but they’re not good ones. Cruz has shown he has a backbone to the GOP’s spineless leadership, and they don’t like that, but they can’t say that either. If they do then it solidifies permanently a Trump/Cruz death match, and any chance someone (who is more perceived as someone they can work with) like Rubio has of catching up will evaporate for good.

They don’t want that, so honesty isn’t the best policy. Except that doing what they’re doing now is even worse and they’re unable to figure that out. Would anyone expect nothing less from the stupid party?

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