CALLS FOR BOYCOTT After Procter & Gamble Releases Racist, Anti-Cop Ad – HERE IS A LIST OF THEIR PRODUCTS

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble, one of America’s largest companies and a major producer of household products, has decided to insert itself into the national debate on race. It released an online video addressing racism in America, and it has all the finesse of a 1980s after-school special. It also has major anti-cop overtones, which is angering many.

The video, titled “The Talk,” is part of an initiative by Procter & Gamble (P&G) dubbed “My Black Is Beautiful.” The initiative seems to be more about appealing to black consumers than actually bridging the racial divide in America, as the video panders more than it empowers.

The video features two major themes: white people are racist, and you cannot trust cops. It jumps between different eras in America, from the 1950s to today, although the video itself never makes it clear when it all takes place. Each “era” features a different black parent talking to their kids about racism.

Any black parent knows there is a lot of truth about having “the talk” with their kids about prejudice, but P&G skips the importance of “doing the right thing” and personal responsibility, and goes straight to victimization. It is a dangerous lesson to tell any child that their future is not under their control, and that others (especially white people and cops) are an enemy to be feared. The video also implies that not much has changed for black people in America in regards to race relations.

Biz Pac Review breaks down the commercial.

One of the scenes shows a black mother, who appears to be from the 1940s or 1950s, holding a white doll and telling her mother that a woman at the store told her she was pretty for a black girl.

“That is not a compliment,” the mother said. “You are beautiful, period. OK?” In the next scene, a mother talks to her son, presumably about the N word, a word uttered by more black musicians than white people these days.

“It’s an ugly nasty word and you are gonna hear it. Nothing I can do about that,” she said.

A subsequent scene shows a mother during a bygone era telling her daughter headed to camp that she can do anything “they” can do.

“The difference is you gotta work twice as hard and be twice as smart,” she said.

In another scene a mother from current times tells her daughter what to do “when you get pulled over,” as if it is guaranteed to happen.

Here is the video.

Many took issue with the shameless racial pandering and leftist worldview. Anthony Brian Logan posted a video response (below) detailing his views. He also breaks down the real motivation for Procter & Gamble: capturing black women as their customers.

Issues of race were never brought up to me when I was a child. Everything I heard was about how to stay on the straight and narrow and to not wind up like family members who had fallen victim to the street lifestyle. I was raised with conservative principles even though most of my family are liberal. The ad from Procter and Gamble reads more like a targeted marketing campaign with the intention of grabbing the eyes of middle aged black women and also young black women who utilize social media. It was not some altruistic thing produced to set the tone for a revolution. It’s all about money and that’s all.

Here is the video.

In addition, YouTuber “Mike the Cop” posted this response.

Some are calling for a boycott of Procter & Gamble products to show their displeasure. Here is a list of their products, arranged by type.


Dawn dishwashing liquid
Joy dishwashing liquid

Menstrual hygiene

Always menstrual hygiene products
Naturella menstrual hygiene products
Tampax tampons
Whisper menstrual hygiene products


Ascend hair care products
Aussie haircare (shampoos/conditioners/styling aids)
Braun hair care and grooming products
Clairol personal products
Frederic Fekkai hair care products sold
Hair Food hair care products
Herbal Essences hair care products (part of Clairol)
Head & Shoulders shampoo
Natural Instincts hair coloring (part of Clairol)sold to Coty Inc. on October 1, 2016
Nicky Clarke hair products
Pantene hair care products (purchased Hoffmann-La Roche in 1985)
Perfect Lights hair coloring (part of Clairol)sold to Coty Inc. on October 1, 2016
Rejoice haircare products
Sebastian Professional hair productssold to Coty Inc. on October 1, 2016
Vidal Sassoon haircare products (purchased in 1984 Vidal Sassoon)
Wash & Go haircare sold to Conter S.r.l. effective June 30, 2015

Healthcare products

Align probiotics
Crest toothpaste
Fibresure supplements
Fixodent denture adhesive
Scope mouthwash
Metamucil laxative/fiber supplement (acquired G. D. Searle & Company in 1985)
New Chapter dietary supplements[3]
Pepto-Bismol over-the-counter drug for minor digestive system upset (acquired as part of Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals in 1982)
Prilosec OTC
Vicks cough and cold products
Vibovit (children & pregnancy vitamins)


Ace stain remover liquid
Bounce fabric-softener sheets
Cascade dishwasher detergent
Fairy dishwashing liquid, toilet soap, household soap, laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent
Febreze odor control
Flash cleaning product
Jar dishwashing liquid and dishwasher detergent
Joy dishwashing liquid
Mr. Clean household cleaners
Puffs tissues
Luvs disposable diapers

Safeguard antibacterial soap
Tide detergents
Viakal cleaning products
Vizir laundry detergent
Swiffer cleaning products
Zevo insect control

Laundry detergents

Ariel laundry detergent
Bold laundry detergent
Bonux laundry detergent
Cheer laundry detergent
Daz laundry detergent
Downy fabric softener
Era laundry detergent
Dreft laundry detergent
Gain laundry detergent
Ola laundry soap
PMC laundry soap
Tide laundry detergent

Skin care

Fresco bar soap
High Endurance body washes, deodorants by Old Spice
Ivory bar soap
Moncler bar soap – Sold to Moncler
Olay skin care products (acquired in 1985 as part of Richardson-Vicks Inc.)
Old Spice aftershave, skin care and hair care products (acquired Shulton, Inc. in 1990)
Perla bar soap
Secret antiperspirants and deodorants
Zirh skin care business sold

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