Campus media issued a description of the UCLA shooter, meet the guy they described as “white”

Yesterday we covered a bit of the shooting that occurred at UCLA. Apparently as the shooting was happening UCLA tweeted out a description of the shooter…

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That makes sense, because in Liberal Land (it’s assumed the Daily Bruin staff is liberal, it’s an excellent assumption) all shooters are tall white men, probably conservative, probably Tea Partiers, and probably members of some NRA sanctioned militia.

Then there’s the brick wall of reality:

Mainak Sarkar, a resident of Minnesota, is believed to have fatally shot UCLA Professor William Klug on the university’s Westwood campus before turning the gun on himself Wednesday, according to LAPD.

Based on a note found at the crime scene, authorities performed a follow-up investigation at the former UCLA Ph.D student’s residence in Minnesota, where they found an alleged hit list with multiple names on it, Beck said during an interview on the KTLA Morning Show.

Here’s your white shooter…


Look at all the retweets it got, all those people received and passed on the most incorrect information possible in a matter of life and death.

Assuming eyewitness accounts of some sort are needed before there can be a description, how in the world did the Daily Bruin get the description they tweeted out? Did their sources, or the staff themselves, seriously just assume that the shooter was just some white guy and played the odds?

Maybe it was a honest mistake, but I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt because this kind of garbage keeps happening when media reports a shooting, and they automatically don’t deserve it anymore. Especially if by their own admission there were multiple sources.

Liberals will read this post and conclude that I’m being racist for implying that it should be a given that the shooter wouldn’t be white. That’s NOT the point being made here.

The actual point to this is that murderous bastards come in all colors. The Daily Bruin tweeted out a totally false description that fits a narrative liberals INSIST  on telling after getting it wrong repeatedly.

While everyone is looking for the white psychopath made of liberal fantasies this guy could, would, AND DID have free reign, because nobody would be looking for him.

In matters of life and death liberal narratives like this one will literally get people killed, just so they can stoke their own bigoted egos.

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