Canada’s universal healthcare system has allowed for an outbreak of a completely curable STD…

This is the kind of crap that happens when you put government in charge of healthcare. I shudder to imagine what would happen if something really nasty hit Canada instead of an outbreak of syphilis.

From Global News:

Canada is facing outbreak levels of syphilis across the country and a national shortage of the medication used to treat the disease is forcing the federal government to order hundreds of drugs from Australia.

The only Canadian manufacturer of Bicillin, the most effective antibiotic in the treatment of all different phases of syphilis, said it is facing an “out-of-stock situation” and won’t be able to reach normal production of the medication until July.

Pfizer Canada said the national shortage is due to a “production issue” at its manufacturing plant, adding that it is currently investigating the situation and “are working around the clock to ensure that Canadian patients have access to this important medication.

Full story and videos here.




I’m sure that’s exactly what the French part of Canada is thinking right now.

Look, syphilis is an eminently curable disease, and with the most basic of antibiotics, Peni-freakin-cillin.

The ridiculousness of this situation cannot be overstated. Canada is supposed to be the beacon of healthcare liberals have been telling us forever that American needs to be, and this is what you can expect from universal healthcare.

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