Casey Anthony caught protesting Trump’s Super Bowl party (VIDEO)

Casey Anthony

Anti-Trump protesters have a new poster child for their cause: baby killer Casey Anthony. There is video to prove it.

This weekend, President Donald Trump was at his Mar-A-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida to watch the Super Bowl. Greeting him at the resort were approximately 3,000 people who were protesting him throughout the weekend. Among their number was Casey Anthony, who managed to escape murder charges in the death of her daughter Caylee. Is there a more fitting example of the type of folks who make up the anti-Trump crowd?

Anthony was caught on camera Saturday in the crowd by a local television station (the video is featured below). It was not clear if she was there Sunday as well.

Having a child killer among your ranks is a great way to give your protest some legitimacy with America. Then again, assuming the protesters included abortion supporters, they may have welcomed her.

The Daily Caller reports.

Anthony declined to speak to WPTV on camera but did say that she opposed Trump, the station reported.

Anthony entered the national spotlight in July 2008 after her daughter disappeared in Orlando, Fla. The toddler’s body was found that December.

Evidence presented in a high-profile jury trial in 2011 strongly suggested that Anthony killed her daughter and kept her body in the trunk of her car. Anthony’s acquittal that July was widely condemned given the strength of the evidence against her.

Here is the news report video, which briefly shows Anthony at the protest.

It goes without saying, perhaps, that there is a certain irony in Casey Anthony protesting “what Donald Trump stands for.”

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H/T: Daily Caller

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