CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Watch Hillary Clinton Call Feminists ‘Activist Bi*ches’

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton tries way too hard to appear relevant to young female voters. Her latest attempt may not go over very well with many feminists, however.

A new video posted to Twitter shows the former secretary of state sending a “shout-out” to feminists in “The Resistance.” However, her choice of words might trigger some on the easily-offended left.

Clinton has made some questionable attempts at publicity since the election. She has taken to Twitter selling t-shirts, lip-synced a song about mansplainingused a video of dancing kids to sell her book, and even compared herself to Wonder Woman. But this video is just the saddest attempt to appeal to millennials that you will ever see.

The Daily Caller reports.

In the video, which was posted to Twitter by Bros4America founder Alex Mohajer, Clinton thanks viewers for their “feminism” and “activism.”

“Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thanks,” Clinton said. “Thanks for your feminism, for your activism, and all I can hope is you keep up the really important, good work.”

The person filming the video can be heard prompting Clinton to say something about “bitches,” and the former presidential candidate obliged with a laugh.

“And let me just say this is directed to the activist bitches supporting bitches,” she confirmed. “So let’s go!”

The video was posted the same day that The New York Times reported Clinton shielded a top aide from sexual harassment complaints during her 2008 campaign. Campaign officials recommended Clinton fire faith adviser Burns Strider, but instead she had him undergo counseling and reassigned his accuser to a new job. 

Clinton insisted that the accuser’s claims were “taken seriously,” but did not deny that she ignored warnings to fire Strider. Strider went on to work for Correct the Record, but was fired from that job after he was accused of sexual harassment again.

Here is the video.

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