Why Is CBS Airing Nazi Propaganda?

Stephen Colbert Nazi salute

Stephen Colbert, unfunny host of The Late Show, performed a Nazi salute during a recent broadcast, leaving many wondering why CBS allows him and his vast team of script writers to push Nazi propaganda on their network.

During his opening monologue, Colbert and Co. continued beating the only horse that brings the dying show a modicum of consistent ratings: ruthless and defamatory attacks on President Trump and his supporters.

While dissecting a 60 Minutes interview with former Trump advisor, Steve Bannon, Colbert segued from one of his prepared lines into a Nazi salute, accompanied by a hysterical laugh track.

He also mocked Christianity and the Bible, presenting a parody of Matthew 5:5 in response to Bannon’s comments regarding the Catholic church and their involvement in the lucrative business of ‘refugee resettlement’ and illegal immigration in the United States.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall really fill up the pews,” joked Colbert. “I’ll take anybody. Peacemakers, lepers, Mexicans. Ka-ching!”

Would Colbert have the same courage to ridicule Islam or the Koran?

This is not the first time Colbert has injected Nazi iconography into his show.

In the aftermath of the jihadist massacre in Orlando at Pulse Nightclub in 2016, Colbert gleefully sketched a swastika during a disturbing bit criticizing Donald Trump’s response to the horrific tragedy that claimed the lives of 49 and wounded another 53.


On a related note, former CNN commentator and Trump supporter, Jeffery Lord, was fired by the Fake News Network after jokingly responding, “Sieg Heil!” to a troll on Twitter.

“Nazi salutes are indefensible,” CNN said in a statement. “Jeffrey Lord is no longer with the network.”

Granted, CBS and CNN are different companies, but if Nazi salutes are indefensible in the world of professional broadcasting, how does Colbert continue to get away with conduct that would cost most folks their jobs – like his disgusting “c**kholster” joke in May?

During a vulgar tirade, Colbert declared, “The only thing [Trump’s] mouth is good for, is being Vladimir Putin’s c**kholster.”

And that wasn’t even the only time Colbert has revealed his apparent obsession with the topic.

During a pre-show Q&A with his audience, Colbert was asked, “If you had Donald Trump on your show tonight, what would you ask him?”

“I’d say, ‘What does Vladimir Putin’s d**k taste like,'” he responded.

The mainstream media and leftist establishment have made it standard operation procedure to smear the “Basket of Deplorables” who support Trump as ‘racist KKK Nazis’ and routinely liken the President to Adolf Hitler, cheapening the suffering and death of millions of Europeans, Jews, and American soldiers during the ruthless dictator’s reign.

Meanwhile, it is folks like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the goons in Black Lives Matter and Antifa who have aligned themselves with the likes of George Soros – an actual Nazi, KKK Grand Dragons, and the Islamofascists in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Former President Ronald Reagan once warned, “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.”

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