CBS POLL: Americans OVERWHELMINGLY APPROVE of Trump’s State of the Union Speech

The mainstream media can’t spin the reaction to the President’s State of the Union speech – America loved it. In overwhelming numbers.

CBS News held a flash poll immediately after President Trump finished the State of the Union address, and the response from America was overwhelmingly positive.

Although the media claims the American people are evenly split over their support of President Trump, the CBS poll showed otherwise. It found 75% of those polled approved of the speech – and the poll had more good news for the President and his agenda.

The Daily Mail has details.

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Three in four Americans said they approved of Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address, according to a new poll.

CBS News says that 75 percent of Americans approved of the speech – which was the first of the Trump presidency. Just a quarter of the people who tuned in and took the poll had a disapproving view.

State of the Union

And when broken down – the numbers look even more positive and optimistic for the president.

Eight in 10 Americans who watched and took the poll said they felt the president was trying to unite the country with his message, according to CBS.

Additionally, two-thirds of poll-takers said the speech made them feel proud. However, only about one-third said the speech made them feel more safe than they felt before hearing it.
Less than a quarter of the people who tuned in reported that the address made them feel scared or angry.

But those numbers could be somewhat skewed to the rest of the population, because most of the people who watched the speech identified as republicans.

In the latest poll released earlier this month by CBS – 24 percent of Americans said they identify as Republicans. But tonight that number was up to 42 percent.

In comparison, only 25 percent of the people who watched said they were Democrats, and 33 percent identified as Independents.

And of the Democrats who watched, most did not like what they heard.

Over half of the democrats tuning in said the speech made them angry – which vastly differs to the 90 percent of Republicans who said it left them feeling proud.

Independents who voted generally approved of Trump’s message. Just under half of those said they would consider themselves Trump supporters.

Most poll takers also said the policies discussed tonight would help them personally – though the Democrats who voted said the opposite.

In particular – the people who voted reacted most positively to President Trump’s points about the nation’s infrastructure, immigration and national security.

After hearing his speech – 54 per cent of those who tuned in give him the majority of the credit or for the country’s economic prosperity. That number is up from 51 percent of people polled by CBS before they watched the State of the Union.

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