CENSORED! Google is blocking James O’Keefe’s anti-Hillary video!

Project Veritas

The internet is supposed to be all about the free exchange of information. At least, it used to be. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has exposed even more censorship of conservatives on the internet, after learning that Google was blocking and suppressing his video from trending on YouTube.

As you know, O’Keefe’s Project Veritas posted an undercover video yesterday proving Hillary supporters were inciting violence at Donald Trump rallies to gain negative media coverage. It earned millions of views in just a few hours, but Google is purposely downplaying its’ popularity and not allowing it to show up on their “trending” list on YouTube, which Google owns. It did, however, trend on Twitter, which Google does not own.

John Rivers tweeted out the following today:

The video did eventually start to trend, but it is showing up BELOW videos with fewer views. The Project Veritas video currently sits at #14 on their trending list, with less popular videos ahead of it. There are reports that YouTube users are being blocked from commenting on the video by Google.

Here is the original video in case you haven’t seen it. Please share it and force Google to recognize it!


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