Chicago Muslim Throws NEWBORN BABY Off 8 Story Building – You Won’t Believe What Liberal Judge Sentences Her To

muslim throws baby off building

Many Americans are worried that Sharia law will soon be implemented in this country, but there’s something that’s actually far worse than outright Sharia.

It’s known as creeping Sharia, and it’s how Muslims have taken over numerous nations in the past. Step by step, inch by inch, they SLOWLY change a culture, until before you know it, they outnumber you 3 to 1 and control the courts.

One example of creeping Sharia is how judges give ridiculously light sentences to Muslims, that if ANY other ethnicity had committed, would be thrown in prison. In fact, we recently reported on a case where several Muslims sexually assaulted a 5-year old girl, and they were let off completely Scott Free.

This isn’t just a random coincidence, either. All across Europe, judges are allowing Muslims to rape their women and their children, because they live in a ridiculous virtue-signalling fantasy land, where it’s somehow intolerant to throw rapists in jail.

If any other ethnicity had done something this horrible, they would have been thrown in jail for years—but because we have these moronic liberal judges in our court system, we have disgusting criminals getting out onto our streets to continue their criminal way of life.

Just recently, in fact, a Muslim woman was caught doing something absolutely disgusting to a newborn baby. Mubashra Uddin, a Muslim of Pakistani origin, threw her baby out of an 8 story window, for an absolutely sickening reason.

According to ABC 7 Chicago:

“Uddin, a Muslim of Pakistani descent, hid the pregnancy from her parents because she thought they wouldn’t approve, Turnock said.”

“The only people who knew were her boyfriend-who her parents didn’t approve of; and another friend. She hid the pregnancy by wearing baggy clothes and never sought prenatal care.”

“Uddin gave birth to a 7-pound, 11-ounce girl in her bedroom at 11:20 p.m. while her 10-year-old sister slept in the same room, Turnock said.”

“Minutes later, Uddin heard her mother approaching the room, so she opened the window, held the baby out head first and released her, according to the prosecutor.”

Police later found the naked, bloody infant in a nearby grassy area, still breathing. They immediately called paramedics, who rushed her off to Weiss Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, the little girl died 90 minutes later due to skull fractures, a spinal fracture, broken ribs, and internal organ damage.

The police also found blood all over the floor, a window to the bedroom, and the toilet, in addition to bloody scissors used to cut the umbilical cord. The coroner stated the little girl died of multiple blunt force injuries, and ruled her death a homicide.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Muslim woman plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter—you would think the judge had all she needed to convict this disgusting scumbag, right?

Wrong. The liberal judge decided to give her 4 years of probation—that’s right. She didn’t get a SINGLE day in prison, despite throwing her NEWBORN infant out of an 8th floor window.

This is the insanity of the liberals in this country. We need to start taking control of the judicial system, otherwise, these liberals will throw all of the hard working conservatives in prison, and let disgusting, selfish criminals out on the streets.

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