Chopper Legend Jesse James’ Response to School Shootings Melts the Internet

Jesse James is known as a custom car and bike builder, and as the founder of the legendary West Coast Choppers. The reality TV star and entrepreneur is also a avid gun owner, and isn’t afraid to speak out on certain social issues if he feels something needs to be said.

The Texas resident spoke out over the weekend about the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, not far from where he lives in the Houston area. He discussed what he sees as the core problem that is causing the rash of school shootings – kids with low self-worth and low values, who lash out at the world around them.

He stressed the importance of giving a kid pride and value by teaching them skills and how to work with their hands, and keeping them off phones and technology.

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His post quickly went viral, and has already been shared over 12,000 times.

Here is the text of his response to school shootings. It has not been edited.

I’ve recently had some guns rights groups approach me about speaking at events. I also receive a fair amount of ridicule and shaming for my pro gun stance. All related to Recent events of high school kids being killed by a classmate. Until we are ready to have a discussion about how society as a whole has failed our kids. No laws, knee jerk regulations or tolerance will change a thing.

We need to realize that the responsibility of having kids is 100% on the parents shoulders. This 18 year responsibility is a long road lined with many tears, lots of heartaches and plenty of anger. The ultimate goal is to send them off to adulthood with confidence, manors, drive, self reliance and most importantly a High Sense of Self Value.

That level of self value is the tipping point for most kids. When a kid can stare at his phone/computer for hours. It tells him what’s cool and what’s not cool. It will also be a beacon for navigating through the darkness. That guiding light in the darkness will not show them the right path. Instead it will show them the correct way to starve yourself and avoid hunger pains, correct way to cut yourself and conceal it, the correct way to hate, and lots of other unspeakable things we don’t want to imagine our kids doing. These paths will reduce self value to nothing and support them for feeling worthless. This is a big reason why the suicide rate of teens has risen 30% in recent years. Our role in this game is to make the tough decisions for them. Monitor and regulate what your kids are doing and seeing. If you don’t see warning signs, it doesn’t mean everything is fine. Check in with them.

The most important piece to this puzzle is the self value. The sure fire way to give them NO self value. Is to let them go down the path that modern society dictates. The false promise that college and computers or being a rapper or sports star is the only way to succeed at life. They are not. That valuable self worth can come in many different forms including working with your hands. Doing a job so well that people depend on you. People will get upset when you’re not around doing what you are great at. Ultimately making them “needed”.

Maybe it’s time to bring back industrial arts to high schools. Also bring back Home Economics and show boys/girls how to cook and clean and sew. The path we’re on now is raising a generation of kids with no basic skill set for life(most can’t read a clock now). That high core value will carry for the rest of their lives. When they see great value in themselves, they will also see it in others. They will also have empathy and respect for friends and family. I guess I’m kind of rambling now. I just get so upset every time of see one of these kids pictures on TV. It’s like I can see exactly what is going on with them. If only we as parents could do our job better. Tragedies like we have seen could really be avoided not just pacified.

*Also important to note this was written by a father of four kids.

I’ve recently had some guns rights groups approach me about speaking at events. I also receive a fair amount of ridicule…

Posted by West Coast Choppers on Sunday, May 20, 2018

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