‘Christian’ Doctor Performs Abortions in the Name of God

Christian abortion doctor

Dr. Willie Parker, a self identified Christian, grew up poor in rural Alabama, but managed to still go to medical school. How did he use this blessing? To kill babies.

Parker uses his skills in healthcare to be a prolific abortionist, but he also claims to be a Christian abortionist.

Parker, while promoting his newest book, uses several twisted arguments to justify his shocking behavior. And if you disagree, you are just trying to talk “at” him rather than “with” him.

Parker gives the example of a 12 year old victim of incest as the reason his services are needed. Instead of being outraged at her victimhood, going after the rapist or protecting the child, he charges her mother for the abortion and sends her back to be abused further….because he is a Christian?

Parker argues it is OK because abortion is not specifically mentioned the Bible.

True, while the word “abortion” is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, children are mentioned. The New Testament, a section of the Bible which many liberals love to pick and choose from, mentions the respect Jesus had for children.

Luke 18:16 KJV: Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for such is the kingdom of God.”

Indirectly, there is reverence for life in the New Testament, even for the tiniest details.

Luke 12:7 KJV: “But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.”

Not only is God aware of the details, He specifies we are all valued.

Jeremiah 1:5: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Parker also argues it’s OK because other doctors will not perform abortions.

“People ask, how many abortions have you done? I’ve done thousands of abortions. You know why I do thousands of abortions? A lot of people will do your hysterectomy or your cesarean section. Not a lot will do your abortion. So if my numbers seem large, it is because I’m trying to meet the demand that is necessary.”

The Parker justifies his behavior by accusing other doctors of failing to meet demand. No, maybe those doctors just have some morals.

Parker: It’s not about money…

“So, I’m a board-certified OB/GYN with over 25 years’ experience. Let’s say if I make $300,000 because I’m providing abortions exclusively. That’s not even the median for someone with my credentials.”

$300,000 a year “just” performing abortions. Maybe $300K or more is just a drop in the bucket for someone with Parker’s level of greed. It is easy to speculate the amount of money he garners from the under-regulated abortion industry is being minimized by Parker for the reader’s benefit. That is, if a person finds $300K chump change.

Parker admits to thousands of abortions. Depending on the area a doctor lives in and how pregnant a woman is, abortions cost from $300.00 upwards. Cash business, no follow up, no mental health services, minimal supplies. Abortion is one of the few health care areas where there is still money to be made. Desperate women will find the cash to alleviate their “problem.” No fighting with insurance companies or waiting to get paid. No billing department employees. The revenue generated from abortions is staggering.

Wait, there is more.

Parker created this controversy, and then wrote a book to feed said controversy. Parker then grants, for more money, numerous interviews in which he promotes his book.


A practice, plus a book, plus over a quarter of million a year extra (likely more by his own admission), plus interviews. Sounds like business is very good being a “Christian abortion doctor.”

Unfortunately, the tiny humans he eliminated in the “thousands of abortions” he admittedly performed for cash (in the name of God) had no say.

The fact is, without religion, Parker has no controversy. Without controversy, he has no book. No book means less money.

As with all abortionists, while their income is unfettered, their list of donated abortion services remains missing. If Parker truly believed in what he is doing, then he would donate a significant number of abortions. By his own admission, it is not about the money. So Parker, I invite you to literally put your money where your mouth is in this case.

In the meantime, the doctor may want to look up what the good book says about people who take God’s name in vain. Even Parker’s own twisted logic will have trouble justifying that one.

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