At Least ONE DEAD and Several SERIOUSLY WOUNDED in Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting

Cincinnati shooting

A unidentified gunman opens fire in a Cincinnati Ohio nightclub last night.

Cameo, a popular hip-hop club, was crowded at the time of the shooting. One person died, and another fifteen people were injured in the chaos.

For criminals, where there is a will, there is a way.

Despite security measures including police officers and metal detecting wands, the shooters successfully smuggled multiple weapons into the building per authorities.

It appears the aggression stemmed from an argument earlier in the day that spilled over into a confrontation at the bar.

Obryan Spikes, age 27, is the first mortality. Another victim may not survive.

Do more restrictive laws help?

Ohio state has only recently allowed and expansion of its concealed carry laws. However this expansion only served to protect the rights of employees from unlawful discrimination by employers and expanded some of the places legal concealed carry owners could take their weapons in public. The lifting of restrictions is more in line with surrounding states.

All the gun carry laws in the world will not affect these violent incidents. Responsible gun owners do not use weapons to settle verbal arguments nor do they ever fire into a crowd of people.

People who smuggle weapons into a crowded club to attack a target are not interested in responsible gun carry practices. Responsible firearm users are the “first-line” to stop the violence in these situations.

So, while we await the predictably illogical liberal calls for expanded gun restrictions, remember this nugget of truth.

Gun laws only affect people who follow them.

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