The Citadel Stands Up To A Muslim Cadet After She Makes This INSANE Request

Finally, an American institution has stood up to the Muslim bullies who demand special rules. The Citadel, the historic military school in South Carolina, has told a Muslim student that she is not welcome there if she doesn’t abide by their core values.

This decision was made despite pressures put on many organizations by the overly tolerant, who would have you believe that if you don’t bend the rules for someone, you must despise them.

The Citadel has a tradition of “relinquishing self” to wear the uniform, so cadets learn the importance of team over the individual. One Muslim cadet refused, thinking her religion gave her special privileges. She was wrong.

The Citadel is standing firm after the cadet demanded she be allowed to wear a hijab as part of the uniform. They refused to make an exception, and said she was still welcome to attend the academy – without wearing a hijab as part of the official uniform.

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Via NBC:

The school’s president, Lt. Gen. John Rosa, announced the decision in a statement Tuesday, saying he hoped the young woman would still choose to join the class of 2020 in Charleston, South Carolina, this fall.

Rosa pointed out that the Citadel accommodates students’ religious beliefs in other ways, connecting incoming cadets with local houses of worship and meeting prayer and dietary needs. But the student’s request to don a head covering, which no other student wears, was apparently too much.

“The standardization of cadets in apparel, overall appearance, actions and privileges is essential to the learning goals and objectives of the college,” Rosa said. “This process reflects an initial relinquishing of self during which cadets learn the value of teamwork to function as a single unit.”

The Citadel, which prepares students to enter military careers and admitted its first female student in 1995, prides itself on requiring students to wear uniforms at all times, with two exceptions: while swimming, and when upper-class cadets are on furlough.

The academy had no hard feelings toward the student, they just didn’t feel the need to make an exception for her. Being Muslim is ultimately a choice and one that you’re perfectly welcome to make in this country; however, just because we’re free to make a decision, doesn’t mean that we’re free from the consequences of that decision. When you join an institution like a military academy, anyone will tell you that there are things that you’re going to give up. Thankfully, this Academy didn’t feel the need to bow to the pressure that political correctness puts on organizations today.

Because this is a free country, this individual is allowed to wear almost anything they wish, but organizations and companies are also allowed to make any rules that they wish. You’ve probably seen signs at various establishments that say something like “no shirt no shoes no service”. These establishments have essentially made a dress code for their place of business. It’s the same with military academies, only more so since the academy is about turning individuals into one unit.

Even if we put aside that this was a sign of Islam, holding onto some sort of identity that makes you feel like you’re better than the men and women that you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with is likely to make a person want to make exceptions for themselves. When a group is perpetually reminded that one person considers themselves better than the others because of what they wear, it’s just bad for the group dynamic. There’s also the little issue of people who wear Islamic garb being required to go on unsanctioned killing sprees. It would be good to have an outside identifier that this particular Muslim doesn’t ascribe to all teachings of Islam before we arm them and teach them to fight.

(Source:  NBC)


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