Classless Hillary Clinton Blames President Trump for Charlottesville Violence

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton emerged from hiding today, just long enough to weigh in on the violence in Charlottesville, and blame it all on President Trump.

Clinton had not tweeted in over a week (August 5), but she couldn’t let a good crisis go to waste. She took to Twitter to send her thoughts to those affected by the Charlottesville violence, but didn’t stop there. She then tweeted a sarcastic attack at President Trump, blaming him for the violence by fostering hate.

This line of attack certainly isn’t unique. A number of celebrities and left-wing radicals immediately made the connection to the President.

Here are her tweets.

Many were surprised that President Trump did not directly condemn the white supremacists involved in the violence, who claim they are all his supporters. It has given the media and his political opponents the chance to blame him directly for the violence.

Many point out, however that even a direct condemnation of white supremacists would likely have not been enough for Hillary and her supporters.

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