Classless “Fake Indian” Elizabeth Warren snubs Betsy DeVos at her confirmation hearing (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

Remember when Republicans were once called “bitter clingers?” Democrats have taken on that title with full gusto. Unable to accept the results of the election, Democrats have stooped to a new level of pettiness. That includes refusing to shake the hands of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who made a name for herself by claiming to be Native American in order to advance in her career, is upset with Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos. DeVos has long been an advocate for education reform, including backing vouchers and school choice. This angers Warren, because she supports the powerful teacher unions that push to keep control of the nation’s failing education system.

After her confirmation hearing, Warren refused to join her other senators in shaking DeVos’ hand and speaking with her. Instead, television cameras caught her giving a brush-off wave and leaving the hearing in a hurry.

The Washington Post reports on DeVos’ hearing.

Democrats attacked Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s education nominee, calling her unfit for the job during a contentious confirmation hearing Tuesday evening, while Republicans defended her as a bold reformer who would disrupt the status quo in U.S. education.

DeVos told skeptical senators that she looked forward to working with them to improve the nation’s schools. But she sidestepped several issues important to Democrats and their allies, declining to take a position on whether guns belong in schools or to commit to upholding the Obama administration’s aggressive approach to handling sexual assault on college campuses, and she called Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (D-Vt.) ideas about free college “interesting.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) asked questions about DeVos’s qualifications to run the trillion-dollar federal student loan program, with DeVos acknowledging that she has no experience running or managing anything near the size and complexity of the program. DeVos also acknowledged that she had never taken out a federal student loan for herself or her children.

Now, watch this video of the C-SPAN feed, which shows the end of the hearing and Devos’ interaction with members of the education committee.

What a truly classless woman. The internet, however, did not let her off the hook. She was widely criticized for her behavior, but Stephen Miller had perhaps the best response, channeling Warren’s past scandal.

Elizabeth Warren


There is yet no timeframe for movement on the DeVos confirmation.

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