Clueless: Target sues man for saving teenage girl from being stabbed in the store

In a nutshell: Man saves girl in Target. Girl is grateful. Target sues man.

Between the transgender BS and this it really looks like Target just has a huge problem with people wanting to be safe in their stores.

In 2013, everyone agreed that Michael Turner saved the life of a teenaged girl who was attacked in a Pennsylvania Target store. Now, Target is suing him.

When she was sixteen, Allison Meadows was shopping in an East Liberty, Pennsylvania, Target store when Leon Walls rushed into the outlet and stabbed her.

With the assistance of surveillance video, Walls was convicted of attempted homicide for his attack on the girl.

The only reason the girl did not suffer more injuries is because Michael Turner interceded and, along with several other men, confronted Walls. Turner himself chased Walls out the store with a baseball bat.

Unsurprisingly, Meadows was extremely thankful for Turner’s efforts.

“I thank him,” Meadows has said. “I thank him every time I see him.”

But Meadows launched a lawsuit against Target, saying the store’s lack of security put all shoppers, not just her, in danger.

Target, however, is less grateful for Mr. Turner’s heroics. And now the retailer is suing him for “endangering” the store’s customers.

According to the company’s filing, Target says Turner and several others chased the suspect toward the store’s entrance after the attack on the girl. The store insists Turner put other shoppers at risk with his actions.

The victim of the stabbing and her family are furious with the retail chain and say Target is just trying to shift the blame away from its own security failures.

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Target’s main argument is that because the conflict started outside the store those involved recklessly endangered customers. However Turner and his friends ran into the store AFTER the attacker, who was attempting to go on a stabbing spree. So Target’s case against Turner et al, makes no sense. If Target had security that wasn’t asleep at the switch, or any kind of security at all, then there would be no need for Turner to save others.

I don’t know how else this lawsuit could possibly be interpreted. Target is absolutely trying to point the blame for yet another failure in its ability to provide a secure environment to its customers by going after someone who most likely saved a life inside the store.

h/t Breitbart

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