CNN Anchor Says Girls Who Want Boys Out of their Bathroom are the ‘PROBLEM’

Chris Cuomo tweet

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo thinks little girls who do not want to see male genitalia in their bathrooms and locker rooms are a “problem.” Cuomo said as much on his Twitter account yesterday.

In another example of the mainstream media taking sides on an issue, Cuomo commented on the transgender bathroom controversy. Cuomo is upset that some parents are “intolerant” by having a problem with boys and girls sharing bathrooms and locker rooms.

After Twitter user @PurportedPundit asked “What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room,” Cuomo responded. “I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? Teach tolerance.”

Here is a screenshot of the Chris Cuomo tweet.

Chris Cuomo tweet

The CNN anchor later tried to walk back his comments, saying “I have two young daughters. I have the same instinct to protect. Seeing the basis for equality doesn’t make you pro predator.”

Twitter users blasted the Chris Cuomo tweet, calling it insane and creepy. He stands by his comments, however.

Cuomo is the son of former New York governor Mario Cuomo, and his brother Andrew Cuomo is the current governor of New York. That is a bit of a cozy relationship between the media and Democratic political leaders, don’t you think?

Perhaps the biggest misconception over President Trump’s executive order comes in how the media is portraying it. News reports would have you believe that President Trump’s directive rescinded he protections and civil rights of transgender people. This is not the case.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer pointed out yesterday that a federal court had already ruled that President Obama’s original order overstepped executive authority. The White House did not have the power to issue a directive to every school district in the nation regarding bathroom policy. Obama did not have the authority to force them to do anything.

President Trump’s executive order merely directed that states and local school districts had the proper legal authority to set policy on bathrooms. The White House stated that they would support any policy any local government instituted.

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