CNN and Buzzfeed Get EPIC, LIVE SMACK-DOWN From TRUMP for Fake News!

A new fake Buzzfeed story on Trump is circulating today. It is about how the Russians have damaging “personal” information on Donald Trump. Of course Trump supporters understand this unsubstantiated story is meant to de-legitimize Donald Trump‘s win.  What the story also exposes is the hypocrisy of desperate political hacks in the mainstream media and what they are trying to do. This most recent attack comes from Ben Smith, the Editor at BuzzFeed.

If you are a journalist you know Smith crossed the line when he decided to use intelligence rumors rather than facts to base a news story on. This is a disinformation campaign.

These are the facts: Smith published a 35-page “dossier”. The lead line boldly states “NO VERIFIABLE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME TO COLLABORATE THIS REPORT.” In spite of that the mainstream media has run wild repeating the lies.  How embarrassing for them.  This fake news story about Donald Trump  is nothing but rumor and allegations dressed up as an intelligence report. Everyone can see this is meant to damage Donald Trump.  Smith said he did so because his, philosophy is, essentially, “when in doubt, publish.” But at many other news organizations, the rule is caution: “When in doubt, leave it out.” The decision to publish this trash certainly resulted in clicks to their website, but it can not be called news.

The doubt should have prevailed. News organizations and government officials have known for months these rumors existed. Despite many attempts, the claims about Trump’s behavior and relationships in Russia could not be verified. In enters BuzzFeed. Clearly the White House released the dossier full of rumors which has been compiled to hurt Trump. It was leaked to BuzzFeed with the hope a news story would legitimize the rumors Obama so willingly believes.

There is only one problem. There is no proof. There is no verification. Even the source is not verifiable. The story itself is based on an MI6 British investigator but that can’t even be verified. They have nothing. This fake story is all based on lies and rumors. The most important line in this fake news story is that the the FBI is still trying to confirm the story. Ben Smith actually says in his statement below “this evening we published a secret dossier making explosive and UNVERIFIED ALLEGATIONS about Donald Trump” So there it is. In his own words he published rumors and allegations as news. After beating news organizations took over colluding with the Clinton campaign; I thought they would try to gain back the public trust.  Apparently that’s not the case. What do you think?  has no Wouldn’t this be considered a fake Buzzfeed story if it is unverifiable?

EPIC SMACK-DOWN!! This is what President Elect Trump had to say to CNN for repeating Buzzfeed’s fake news in his first news conference since the election.


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