CNN App Plummets to 1 STAR in Apple Store – These Negative Reviews Are HYSTERICAL

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Conservatives have long known that CNN, or the Clinton News Network, is completely biased against any and all conservatives. Now, we have the evidence to prove it.

Over the past several months, a string of email leaks, video footage, and snafus have occurred which has sent CNN from having a little bit of respect in the public eye, to having almost no respect at all.

The people are starting to wake up—CNN isn’t going to be fooling us any longer. They’re so arrogant that they don’t even realize they’re done for, but it’s only a matter of time before their dream world comes crashing down.

From the executives of CNN being caught calling their viewers “dumb as shit,” to Chris Cuomo saying that we can only view the leaked emails from CNN, to them even threatening to expose the CNN meme creator’s address, their all time low keeps getting lower and lower.

Mark Dice recently made a hilarious video exposing how the CNN App has recently been downgraded to an abysmal one star review. Unsurprisingly, the fake news CNN network has been claiming that the reviews are “fake.” Well, let’s take a look at some of them.


“Years ago, I watched CNN, thinking it was a moderate and fair source to get my news on subjects at home and abroad. However, during this past presidential race, they became very biased. There have been countless examples of CNN faking ‘live’ interviews, deceptively editing interviews, and pushing stories that fit their narrative with no proof (unnamed sources).”

“Project Veritas released video footage of CNN Associate Producers and contributors saying the Trump/Russia story was a ‘nothing burger,’ saying 90% of their co-workers are anti-Trump, and calling the average American voter ‘stupid as shit.’ ”

“Also, just this week, they are threatening to dox a supposed 15 year old kid for creating the wrestling gif that showed Trump punching CNN. They said it incited violence, but that’s false.”

That’s not even the full review—these thousands and thousands of negative, one star reviews keep piling up. So much so, that Apple has even reset the app rating on CNN, in an attempt to save their reputation.

It won’t last long, though. The negative reviews are pouring in:

“Best Substitute For The Onion”

“One time the onion’s survers were down and gosh darnit I really was smitt’n for some satirical falsified news when I remembered that someone recommended this app to me and golly it is the best gosh darn writing out there.”

“Sometimes it takes several months to understand the humor, but for most folks out there they publish at least one article per day so that you can see the satire within a few hours. They do a decent job of hiding it, much better than the onion does…you have to really dig deep, like a Google search or two, to figure out that it’s totally fake news.”

“I hope your company dies a painful death ASAP so I can call the shorts I’ve invested in your stock. Get rekt.”

As more and more Americans are catching on to the mainstream media’s tricks and tactics, it’s only a matter of time before they become completely obsolete.

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