CNN BOYCOTT ANNOUNCED! Here is a list of sponsors and how to contact them

CNN boycott

CNN has a lot to answer for these days, and a new boycott is aiming to do just that. Surprisingly, the CNN boycott is being organized not by conservatives, but angry Reddit users upset over the network’s blackmail of one of their users.

After a Reddit user posted a video of President Donald Trump stomping the WWE’s Vince McMahon (with a CNN logo superimposed on his face), the news network went on the warpath. The same news organization who could not find a single Hillary Clinton deleted email was able to find the person responsible for the video.

The person responsible was reportedly a 15-year-old kid, and after CNN stated they reserved the right to reveal his identity, many accused CNN of blackmailing the child into apologizing.

In response, a Reddit user has compiled this list of CNN advertisers, including links to contact them. Reddit users and conservatives alike are now using the list to pressure CNN to clean up their act.

This list has not been fully verified by us, so use your best judgment and behavior when using it. In addition, let us know if any changes should be made.

Here is the list of advertisers included in the CNN boycott, as well as a statement by the Reddit user.

Let’s let CNN’s advertisers know how we feel. I’ve found a list of their advertisers and updated it to include links to contact them. I’ve done my best to find as direct a link as possible to save you from rooting around their site. Some companies are more difficult to contact than others, so you may need to give an extra click or two to get the ball rolling. I’ll be updating this with their twitter profiles in the coming minutes. Heed the call and do your part. Remember to use #CNNBlackmail when contacting them via twitter!

Ace Hardware:


Alfa Romeo:


American Petroleum Institute:




Behr Paints:


Century Link:

Chamonix (tourist destination):,101,en.html

Clear Choice:


Expedia: Click “Contact Us”

Exxon Mobil:




Jos. A Bank:




Men’s Wearhouse:

Mini Cooper:




National Car Rental:

National Education Association:



Pom Wonderful:



Sleep Number Beds:

Stella Artois:

TD Ameritrade:


US Postal Service:


Vita Coco:

Whole Foods:

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