CNN Suggests ‘Racism’ is Why Adele Won Grammy Over Beyonce

racism adele beyonce grammys

CNN, you never learn do you? Despite years of race-baiting tactics, and slowly convincing the general public that you’re “fake news,” you still publish stuff like this:

racism adele beyonce grammys

CNN writes:

But with its racial themes and imagery, some are questioning if the project was “just too black” for Grammy voters. Kevin Powell, author of the memoir “The Education of Kevin Powell” and a forthcoming biography on rapper Tupac Shakur, thinks so. He told CNN “Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ made a lot of people uncomfortable, because it is so political, so spiritual, so unapologetically black, and so brutally honest about love, self-love, trust, betrayal.

Right, because it’s not like there’s a highly qualified panel of SJW voters who decide which bland, boring pop-star wins the year’s Grammy, is it? And wait—hasn’t Beyonce won more awards than nearly every other singer around?

Here’s a list of just a handful of Beyonce’s awards:

  • Won 1 Aice Award
  • Won 7 American Music Awards
  • Nominated for 23 American Music Awards
  • Won 6 Billboard Awards
  • Nominated for 26 Billboard Awards
  • Won 22 Grammy Awards
  • Nominated for 62 Grammy Awards
  • …and more. You can see a full list right here. She has her own damn Wikipedia page JUST for the awards she’s won.

But oh, that’s racism, right? Once more, CNN has exposed their race-baiting tactics. It’s time to ditch the dinosaur media, because the new age of truthful news is here.

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