CNN Fake News Gets BRUTAL SMACK DOWN by Black Republican – This is Incredible

Paris Dennard CNN fake news

CNN is known for putting a constant liberal spin on nearly everything that they come out with.

Whether it’s lying about the intention behind Trump’s executive orders, ignoring crime statistics about illegal immigrants, or completely ignoring the Swedish and German rape crises, the “Communist News Network,” absolutely has an anti-American agenda.

So when Paris Dennard, a GOP political commentator and consultant with over a decade of private and public sector experience, got a chance to speak live, unfiltered, on the air, he absolutely demolishes them.

Paris Dennard has called out CNN multiple times for being “fake news,” and got into a heated argument with Don Lemon, in which he actually walked off the air in the middle of the broadcast.

Below is a full transcript from the video:

Paris: “When you look at President Trump, and the way pundits and the way people and the media talk about him and his candidacy, the people around him, in the West Wing, and his family, it’s deplorable. And when you have that type of rhetoric and tone constantly beating at the drum every single day, 24/7, that is not helping America.”

Paris: “And when Paul, when you—listen. I did not like probably 98-99% of the things that President Obama did, but I would never call him ‘Obama,’ and I would never call him a ‘moral midget,’ or a ‘needy little baby,’ even if I thought the two things were true about him.”

Paris: “So as you sit here with your platform, and attack the President with these horrible sayings about him personally, and then say ‘Well, Mr. President, or Trump,’ you are doing the same thing!”

Paris: “You have to have some type of honesty about how you’re talking about the President, and how you are talking ab-”

**CNN anchor tries to interrupt him, but he doesn’t let him**

Paris: “…and how you are talking about how you want him to talk about other people. We owe this President a little bit more respect than how we talk about him, because there’s a lot of Americans out there who are SUFFERING and who want to believe in him, and when we belittle him, and belittle everything about him, and his family, his children, his staff!”

**CNN anchor claims he’s never done this**

Paris: “I’m not talking about you [personally] but it’s the tone that you set, and other people that come on this network, and do this—THAT’S the problem! And THAT’S why he attacked the media.”

CNN Anchor: “You respect the office, not the man…”

It’s pretty astounding that CNN even let this man on air, considering that they’ve cut off Bernie Sanders before when he called them “fake news,” and considering that they’ve also cut off Paris Dennard in the past.

CNN has repeatedly attacked President Trump for refusing to cooperate with the media, but they conveniently forget the fact that they fought him every step of the way in his campaign. They spread vicious lies and hate against him, and now they’re mad that he’s in office.

The fake mainstream media is getting what they deserve, though—they’re going the way of the dinosaurs, and they know it.

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