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The White House is clarifying what the media won’t report: CNN framed a story about White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. CNN claims Preibus asked the FBI to retract a story based on anonymous leaks. The story claims the Trump campaign had numerous contacts with Russia.

It seems CNN wanted to make it look like the administration was pressuring the FBI to provide the White House political cover. The truth behind different story is much different than the CNN fake news. On February 15th while discussing another issue FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe asked Reince for 5 minutes alone after the meeting.  At the one-on-one McCabe told Priebus the New York Times Russia and Trump campaign story was a “bunch of BS”. Priebus asked McCabe if McCabe would be able to say that publicly.  McCabe said he would check.  Later, McCabe called back and said he couldn’t issue a statement about it because it would be inappropriate.

Who is FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe?

Andrew McCabe is the Assistant Director of the FBI. He is no stranger to controversy. News accounts have raised questions about a potential conflict of interest related to donations from the political action committee of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime fundraiser for the Clintons, to the state Senate campaign of his wife, Dr. Jill McCabe. Andrew McCabe himself has close ties to Hillary Clinton, and was involved in the email investigation at the FBI. That investigation resulted in no charges against Hillary Clinton. It has been long believed the donation was a type of bribe to McCabe n exchange for favor in the FBI handling of the Clinton emails.

The FBI and Preibus, What was said and to who?

FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe came to Reince for 5 minutes alone when McCabe told Priebus the New York Times Russia and Trump campaign story was a “bunch of BS”. Priebus then asked McCabe what could be done to respond publicly. He said he was “getting crushed” by the story.

“What am I supposed to do?” Priebus asked, according to the White House.

McCabe called Priebus later in the day and said that the FBI was unable to say anything in response to the report.

“We’d love to help but we can’t get into the position of making statements on every story,” he said, according to the White House.

Priebus then asked McCabe if he could cite “senior intelligence officials” as saying that there was nothing to the New York Times report. McCabe said that he could, and Priebus did just that on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” According to the officials, FBI director James Comey entered the picture by calling Priebus. He reiterated much of what McCabe had said, including that the Times report was inaccurate.

White House Responds

White House press secretary Sean Spicer cited a report on CNN claiming that the White House exerted “pressure” on the FBI, and said it was untrue.

“Pressure, by definition, is applying force,” Mr. Spicer said. “If we had said, ‘If you don’t do this, if you don’t do that,’ that’s pressure. That would have been wrong. I don’t know what else we were supposed to do. Had we not done anything, it would have been irresponsible and frankly malpractice.”

Mr. Spicer suggested that the White House still believes the FBI’s handing of the matter was wrong.

“If the FBI knows something to be false, unless it hinders intelligence gathering, an ongoing investigation — our job isn’t to get in the way of them doing their job,” he said.

“But to come to somebody and say, ‘You’ve been accused of some pretty serious things, and we know them not to be accurate — isn’t their job justice?”

The FBI on Friday declined to comment on the version of events described by the

My Conclusion

Accusations that the president’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus acted inappropriately by asking the FBI to refute media reports about alleged contact between the Trump campaign officials, and Russia last year are being mischaracterized by CNN. Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe was used by someone in the Democrat Party to undermine Reince Priebus integrity. Why would McCabe come to Preibus to tell him the FBI knows the “Russian ties story are B.S” if he wasn’t willing to do something about it? Preibus fell into their hands by asking them to go public with the truth. Therefore enabling yet another leak which made the White house look like they pressured the FBI to retract a story which was unfavorable to the Trump administration.

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