CNN “loses” live feed when GOP politician mentions Hillary WikiLeaks scandal

Hillary Wikileaks Scandal

CNN cuts off

Since most of us rarely watch CNN, their latest attempt at censorship likely flew under the radar. But the internet sees everything.

This morning, during a discussion about the upcoming Presidential debate, CNN appears to have deliberately cut off a Republican who dared to question the character of “liberal lord and savior” Hillary Clinton. CNN conveniently “lost” the live feed with Republican Rep. Chris Collins (NY) when he brought up the subject of the Hillary WikiLeaks scandal. We’re not surprised that CNN cuts off discussion when negative subjects are brought up for their girl Hillary. In the case, however, the “technical difficulty” seemed a bit too convenient. InfoWars has video of the incident. See for yourself and decide if this appears deliberate.

Seriously CNN? Who do you think you’re fooling?

H/T: InfoWars




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