CNN offered free food to hear Jake Tapper speak, and still no one showed up (PICS)

Jake Tapper

Things are so bad for CNN, not even free food could entice people to show up and listen to “fake news” guru Jake Tapper.

Tapper was one of the featured guests at Politicon, a convention for political aficionados to rub elbows with the industry elite. Ben Shapiro, Ceyk Ungar, Tomi Lahren, Chelsea Handler, Ann Coulter, and a bunch of nobodies from MSNBC were on hand to speak, debate, and inform.

Panels were held with the featured guests, and both CNN and Tapper were likely expecting a big turnout for one of the network’s major stars. They even offered a spread of free food to anyone who wanted to attend. However, even though thousands were in attendance, Tapper’s panel was one of the worst-attended of the day.

Only 88 people showed up, leaving hundreds of empty chairs. Ann Coulter’s panel, on the other hand, had over 1,000 attendees.

Independent journalist Mike Cernovich, who was in attendance, took a couple of pictures from Tapper’s panel. You could almost hear the sad violins playing by looking at pictures of the pathetic turnout.

It should be no surprise to us that CNN and Tapper have so little a following, even among political junkies. Their reputation is shot, and even liberals have abandoned them, choosing to migrate to MSNBC to get their Kool-Aid.

Tapper even admitted that his own kid calls him fake news. That should really tell you something.

H/T: The Gateway Pundit

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