CNN panel laughs at Tim Kaine’s defense of Clinton not holding press conferences

CNN can’t even contain their laughter. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are the phoniest candidates to run for the United State’s highest office in the land ever.

A CNN panel roared with laughter on Sunday at Sen. Tim Kaine’s (D., Va.) defense of running mate Hillary Clinton going more than 270 days without holding a press conference.

“God bless the people who get to be vice-presidential nominees, because they have to say things like this,” Inside Politics host John King said, teasing Kaine’s clip on CBS This Morning.

“Look, I don’t see what the massive difference is between a press conference and talking to the press everywhere you go,” Kaine said on Thursday. “She talks to the press a lot, and I’ve been with her when she’s talked to the press.”

Via: The Free Beacon

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