CNN Reporter Tweets Pic of Sniper Cross Hairs on President Trump – But Won’t Be Disciplined

Chris Cillizza

A CNN reporter took to Twitter and posted an image many say threatens President Donald Trump – but he won’t face discipline over the incident.

Chris Cillizza may not be as vocally opposed to President Trump and the conservative movement as his CNN colleague Jim Acosta, but he rarely passes up an opportunity to take subtle digs. Yesterday, however, his not-so-subtle tweet not only angered Republicans, it could have violated the law.

Cillizza tweeted out an animated GIF, which showed the cross hairs of a rifle scope aiming at President Trump. The image was from the annual ceremony honoring fallen police officers, many of whom were shot and killed in the line of duty. During the event, President Trump met with and embraced many family members of fallen officers, including an African American family.

Rather than show that image, Cillizza showed the image below, of Trump pointing to heaven to honor fallen officers. It’s an odd choice of image, given that the image of the President embracing a black family was far more positive. Perhaps it was deliberate, as the addition of the cross hairs to the image seemed to convey a particular intent.

Caleb Hull of The Independent Journal Review called Cillizza out on the tweet.

He then used Cillizza’s past tweet to mock his “objectivity.”

Cillizza then deleted the tweet, blaming the GIF service CNN uses of producing the final image without his knowledge.

That sad excuse earned this burn from conservative commentator Mark Dice, who roasted Cillizza thusly.

While Cillizza claims the image was unintentional, critics of CNN say is yet another example of their obvious bias.

The Daily Caller points out that the tweet highlights how the media approaches themselves and conservatives far differently.

The crosshairs tweet is eerily similar to a map of political opponents posted by Sarah Palin. Journalists accused Palin of inciting violence against those opponents and even blamed her for allegedly inspiring the 2011 shooting of Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords. (RELATED: Sarah Palin Suing New York Times For Defamation)

Cillizza’s tweet follows a trend of violent rhetoric from members of the media, including CNN analyst April Ryan recently joking about getting into a fist fight with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace suggesting she wants to choke Sanders.

CNN has made no comment on Cillizza’s tweet, nor announced any punishment for it.

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