Did CNN STAGE a Hurricane Harvey Rescue? See the Evidence for Yourself! (VIDEO)

CNN fake news

You’ve likely seen a video of CNN reporter Drew Griffin helping to save a pickup driver who drove into high water in Beaumont, while the news network was preparing to go live on the air. However, some are claiming CNN staged part of the video.

The video shows Griffin preparing for a “live shot” on the network while a camera rolls. Suddenly, Griffin reacts to something behind him, and the cameraman turns the camera in time to see a pickup truck drive right into high water. Griffin is seen running off camera towards the man, and for a short time, the camera does not show what is happening.

The camera is then shown adjusting and capturing the action, in which Griffin is seen helping to pull the man from the truck. It’s a great moment, but people who really paid attention found something odd in the video. It appears the video was edited and parts may have been staged.

If you watch closely, there is a “cut” in the video, and it appears during this “cut,” Griffin changed clothes, from shorts and sandals to long pants and boots. So much for that urgent high water rescue.

First, take a look at the original video.

Did you catch it? If not, check out the incriminating breakdown by independent journalist Red Pill. Check out his video and see for yourself.

Interesting, no?

Red Pill also posted this handy-dandy graphic.

CNN fake news

Had CNN been straightforward on the true circumstances of the “rescue,” no one would have cared. However, their silence makes it clear they intended for people to see the video and think the situation was more urgent than it actually was. Even though the water does carry away the truck, it appears the truck was close enough to land that the driver was not in immediate fear of death. If he had, Griffin likely wouldn’t have taken the time to change.

It seems CNN is purposefully allowing the truth to be misrepresented to allow the video to go viral and bring themselves more attention.

The last time we checked, that is the definition of “fake news.”

What do you think of the alleged “staged” high water rescue by a CNN reporter? Is this yet another example of CNN fake news? Let us know your thoughts, and in addition, share this on social media.




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