College Creates ‘FAKE RACISM’ Incident to Promote Leftist Diversity- Are These People Nuts?

fake racism

Imagine walking onto a beautiful campus mall and seeing flyers demanding “white Americans” turn in “illegals.”

That is exactly what happened at Gustavus Adolphus College, when flyers saying exactly that were posted about their campus recently.

When the predictable uproar ensued, the “Diversity Leadership Council” at the college admitted the flyers were fake. The Council’s stated purpose of the signs was the project was to attempt to educate people about racism.

The Diversity Leadership Council at Gustavus Adolphus College admits that it — with the help of other social-justice groups — planted fake racist flyers on campus “to educate” people about racism. The “Diversity” Council is attempting to be relevant as a bias response team (BRT). Here is the flyer they posted.

The purpose of a BRT is to monitor faculty and students for, you got it, offensive speech. Repercussions agsint those accused of offensive speech can include varying responses. That includes anything from a good “talking to” to expulsion. Many colleges and universities across the country have BRTs.

So much for institutes for higher learning.

The Council indicated the flyer was posted to elicit a dialogue about racism. Any ensuing discussions are unlikely to elicit the direction the “Diversity” Council hoped it go.

Several thoughts occurred when seeing the fake sign.

The racism here is directed at “white Americans”

Are only “white Americans racist” Why not say, “Americans” or is this concept so foreign to college educated individuals they cannot grasp it? These flyers make the “Diversity” Council look like a thinly veiled anti-white hate group. Maybe that is the real goal of the BRT, to create more “bias” incidents.

Why are “white Americans” are the only people who would report an illegal alien?

Many legal immigrants spent thousands of dollars and years separated from their families to legally earn citizenship. It is not unreasonable for legal immigrants to resent these “illegals” getting the benefits, because they sacrificed so much to become legalized.

Are BRT struggling to find a way to justify their existence?

Many news outlets have reported multiple “hate incidents” that were very quietly later deemed self inflicted. Maybe the struggling Gestapo like BRT need a way to justify their line on the budget next year.

Are there not enough real issues with hate to go around?

The existence of BRT for trivial matters like “He was mean to me” or “She didn’t agree with me” truly marginalize real victims. Because of the whining of the “snowflake generation,” the voices of those actually victimized will be drowned out. Good job BRT.

The end result.

A popular science fiction film created an evil villain called the Borg. The message of the Borg, a senescent half living, half robotic emotionless being, is that all will “assimilate.”

Parents, how does if feel to know your lifetime of hard earned college tuition is being spent providing your children an education by the Borg?

Simply put, we must demand better or it will only get worse.

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