College Professor Blames ‘Trumpism’ for Mass Shootings – He Did Not Expect This Response From His Boss

A Pennsylvania college professor is paying the price for his controversial comments, after he said “whiteness” and “Trumpism” are to blame for mass shootings like the church shooting in Sutherland Springs that left 26 people dead.

George Ciccariello-Maher teaches at Drexel University in Philadelphia, and he has made these comments numerous times, most recently during an interview with Democracy Now! on Monday, claiming ‘white’ entitlement’ was a factor in the killings.  He said white males are doubly entitled, with their race and sex, and many who are trained in the military will act out violently when they don’t like something.

‘Whiteness is never seen as a cause, in and of itself, of these kinds of massacres,’ Ciccariello-Maher told Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman. After the shooting in Las Vegas, he directly blamed “Trumpism” as a cause.

As a result, he has been placed on administrative leave by the college, and can only teach classes online. The punishment led to an uproar among the liberal student body.

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In his interview, Ciccariello-Maher says students are fighting to get him back in the classroom, something the college refuses to do for “security” reasons.

Although he has been punished with a ban from teaching in class, he has yet to be fired for making his comments.

The Daily Mail has more.

The 38-year-old educator contends that ‘whiteness is a structure of privilege and it’s a structure of power, and a structure that, when it feels threatened… lashes out.’


Asked by Daily Mail Online what point he was trying to convey in the interview, Ciccariello-Maher said that ‘many white males are raised with a double sense of entitlement, since being both white and male are structures of power and dominance over (non-white and female) others.’

‘When that power is perceived to be threatened, as Donald Trump and other racist misogynists encourage people to believe, the results can be incredibly dangerous,’ he added.

In his estimation, the phenomenon arises in part from an ‘institutional apparatus that trains people in violence and that encourages them to feel as though they’re on the losing side of history.’

Ciccariello-Maher said the far right ‘jumps on any violence by people of color,’ but ‘doesn’t want to talk about the real deep structures of white supremacy in our society…not just the fringe, not just the Nazi movements, but what people are going through every day and what it is that is driving people to these kinds of situations, where they feel so entitled to dominance, that when that’s questioned, they can explode in these very, very unpredictable ways.’

The professor also said that the President represents much of the misguided anger peculating among white males in American society today.

‘Trump makes hay out of the fact that white men, in particular, feel as though they’re the victims of this society, despite being in absolute control of it,’ Ciccariello-Maher said during the broadcast.

‘And this is something that is powerfully dangerous, and it’s why we’re not seeing only the rise in violent attacks, more generally, and the rise of far-right movements, but we’re certainly seeing, you know, clearly, sort of some very serious incidents of mass violence, as well,’ he added.

This is not the first time the 38-year-old professor has found himself mired in controversy.

In 2016, he tweeted that all he wanted for Christmas was ‘White genocide.’

He was also heavily criticized after posting that he was ‘trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul’ when he witnessed someone relinquish their first-class seat on an airplane for a soldier earlier this year.

The incident occurred two days after American forces accidentally killed 200 civilians after bombing the Iraqi city.

Drexel University did not offer comment on Ciccariello-Maher’s recent interview.

Here is video of Ciccariello-Maher’s interview with Democracy Now.

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