College students in Memphis have “evolved” beyond gender with this new pronoun…



The western world is going to have to change the way it measures history. We had Before Christ (BC) and anno Domini (AD)…and now we have After Sanity (AS).

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I don’t know when we should mark it’s beginning, 2008? 2012? If we’re not going to base it on Obama’s election then at a minimum we’re in the year 1 AS. The reasons are many, the Iran nuke deal, the Jenner formerly known as Bruce, Miley Cyrus in general…or maybe we’ll just go with this:

The University of Tennessee in Knoxville is ditching gendered pronouns.

According to the university, students and staff are being asked to ditch “he” and “she” to make the campus more gender-neutral.

What?!? No thanks…Get ZE hell outta here!

Instead, the school’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion…

AKA one of a myriad of reasons why college tuition is WAY more expensive than a generation ago.

…wants everyone on campus to use all-inclusive words like “ze” to make it easier to include all genders…Within the last couple of years, Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center representative Leah Ford decided ze did not want to be labeled as she or he.

“Ze, zim, zirs, people just choose what feels most comfortable to them,” said Ford. Ford felt most comfortable when people used gender neutral pronouns.

“When I am asked what my pronouns are it makes me feel a lot more comfortable,” said Ford.

Move over “sticks and stones,” here comes “words”…

A 2-question pop quiz to those “gender warriors” out there:

1. Please select the photo above where the man and woman humans look more comfortable.

2. Please select the statements that sound more “gender neutral”:

Wow! She has a really nice rack!
Wow! Ze has a really nice rack!

His prostate is giving him trouble again.
Zirs prostate is giving him trouble again.

She’s about to deliver a baby!
Ze’s about to deliver a baby!

…………Someone stop the planet, I want to get off I want to kick these morons (a gender neutral term, but I won’t wait for their thanks) off.

Image via KLTV.

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