Colleges Demand Students Turn in Other Classmates for “Offensive Speech”

Bias Response Team

Increasingly across the country, colleges are using reporting systems that encourage students to censor one another for “offensive speech.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a group monitoring such reports, notes a rise in “Bias Response Teams (BRT)” on American college campuses. The purpose of these teams is to monitor faculty and students for offensive speech.

What exactly is the bias that BRTs are handling?

FIRE reports that BRTs have difficulty defining “bias” consistently. Typically categories included discrimination, such as race, sex, and sexual orientation. However, can also include intellectual perspectives or other nebulous categories. Alarmingly, a few directly include political affiliation or speech.

These BRTs can be headed by a specific BRT department, but many are headed by existing departments, such as campus security or student housing.

What purpose does the BRT serve?

The University of Chicago uses their BRT to develop further offensive speech propaganda under the guise of “education.”

“The Bias Response Team (BRT) is made up of administrators who are available to support and guide students seeking assistance in determining how to handle an alleged bias incident… Bias incident data will be used to develop community educational and outreach programs.”

Are parents getting what they paid for?

Parents save a lifetime to send students to $20-45K per year college. There, he or she voices an unpopular political opinion in the context of learning and stimulating discussion. That child is now under investigation by the campus police for using “offensive speech.”

Colleges are an environment where students should be challenged and exposed to multiple opinions.

The creation of powerful committees with nebulous definitions, vague policies, and questionable goals only stifle free speech. BRTs change the purpose of colleges from institutions of higher learning to institutions of left-leaning propaganda.

BRTs are used to stifle free speech and fine-tune further indoctrination of “approved” messages.

On 3 March, Tucker Carlson reported on students chanting “Shut it down” until speaker Charles Murray had to abandon his lecture. Another professor was injured during the melee.

Still think indoctrination and censorship is not affecting our nation’s future leaders?

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