Confidential Documents Leaked By Anonymous Source on Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal

The AP acquired a confidential document, leaked by an anonymous diplomat involved in the Iran nuclear issue, this confidential source described it as an add-on agreement in the form of a declaration submitted by Iran to the International Atomic Energy Agency.  The document, called The Joint Comprehensive Plan for Action, details Iran’s plans for expanding its enrichment activities and makes it clear that some of the most restrictive provisions of the nuclear agreement are relaxed after only 10 years, although they will function as more permissive constraints for up to 15 years.



The published document of the nuclear agreement was vague on the exact timing of what happens to Iran’s uranium enrichment program between the 10 th – 15th year.  This new document indicates that after 10 years, Iran plans to start replacing its current centrifuges with thousands of more advanced models that would be up to five times more efficient than the 5,060 centrifuges that it is allowed to operate currently under the agreement. What does this all mean?  This concession would allow Tehran to enrich at more than twice the rate that it is now doing, even if the total number of operating centrifuges are reduced. This is a major concern because if the enrichment rate doubles, the time Tehran would need to stage a nuclear breakout would be reduced from the 12 months promised by the Obama administration to six months or less, much earlier than the administration had advertised when it was trying to sell the nuclear deal.


Fred Fleitz, a veteran analyst who has monitored Iran’s nuclear program for many years at the CIA, State Department, House Intelligence Committee, and Center for Security Policy, warned that although the permissive nature of the agreement was not news:


What is news is that the Obama administration is a party to another secret side deal to the  [Joint Comprehensive Plan for Action]  that explicitly recognizes Iran’s plan to greatly expand its uranium-enrichment program. Other secret side deals include one that allows Iran to inspect itself on possible nuclear-weapons-related work and another that possibly weakened IAEA reporting on Iran’s nuclear program. It’s been one year after the negotiation of the nuclear agreement, Iran continues to pursue  hostile policies that make it dangerous for the United States and its allies.


Iran continues attempts to: cheat on its nuclear nonproliferation obligations, export terrorism, threaten U.S. allies, provoke confrontations with U.S. naval vessels in the Persian Gulf, flout United Nations Security Council resolutions by staging provocative missile tests, and makes no secret of its contempt and hostility towards the U.S.


Yet, President Barack Obama’s administration, hoping to lock in a nuclear deal that it saw as a positive legacy, has bent over backward to accommodate Tehran’s demands for greater economic rewards through sanctions relief over and above what was required by the nuclear agreement. Even the Liberal NY Post admits the Iran Deal is a mistake.  and will feed aggression.


Iran’s long record of nuclear cheating, current hostile behavior,  make it clear that Obamas legacy is likely to be a nuclear-armed Iran. More on this subject here. 

Iran's Financial Support to Terrorists Militants around the globe is well documented.
Iran’s Financial Support to Terrorists Militants around the globe is well documented.
Obama has been compared to Chamberlain who refused to act against Hitler, giving Hitler a foot hold in Europe.
Obama has been compared to Chamberlain who refused to act against Hitler, giving Hitler a foot hold in Europe.

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