Congressman Responds to North Korea – Kim Jong Un is Absolutely TERRIFIED After Just These 3 Words…

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North Korea has been causing problems in their own country, and throughout the world, for years now—but tensions are at an all time high with their recent ICBM test.

They’ve been imprisoning US citizens, torturing them, and even killing them for YEARS. In fact, just recently, UVA student Otto Warmbier died due to “severe brain damage,” while under North Korean captivity.

North Korea is also known for their NUMEROUS ethics violations, such as brainwashing, propaganda, kidnapping, torturing political opponents, and forcing innocent civilians into labor. Vice News was the first news agency to really report on this in depth.

This behavior is absolutely disgusting—if any leader of the USA, of France, of Russia, or of any other first world country had behaved like this, the UN and EU would IMMEDIATELY team up to impose sanctions, and even inflict violence.

Yet somehow, Kim Jong Un has been able to get this far without so much as a single scratch—we likely have 8 years of the spineless Obama administration to thank for that. Just recently, however, matters got worse when North Korea tested a devastatingly powerful new missile.

Just two days ago, North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that top US experts say could hit Alaska. Fox News reports:

“Lawmakers in Alaska and Hawaii are doubling down on calls for improved U.S. defenses after North Korea test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile that experts say could hit Alaska.”

“Tuesday’s ICBM launch was North Korea’s most successful yet, spurring an emergency U.N. Security Council session on Wednesday where U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley pushed for diplomatic solutions.”

Since then, many US politicians have commented on Kim Jong Un’s arrogant move, including the US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley who said the following:

“One of our capabilities lies with our military forces, and we will use them, but we prefer not to have to go in that direction. North Korea’s launch of an ICBM is a clear and sharp military escalation.”

While these words are certainly stern, one politician has spoken out recently, and has likely left Kim Jong Un TERRIFIED at the prospect of starting a conflict with the United States of America. Surprisingly, these terrifying words came from a Democrat.

The 9th District Democrat and ranking member of the House Armed Services, Adam Smith, to be specific. In an interview with Komo News, he uttered 4 words that will leave Kim Jong Un unable to sleep for the next week.

“North Korea has launched another missile, and this time it appears to be intercontinental with the possibility of reaching Hawaii, Alaska, maybe even Seattle,” says the interviewer, asking for Representative Smith’s take on the matter.

“Obviously it’s distressing,” he says. “We have, for a long time, seen North Korea developing new missile technology. We’ve known ultimately that this is their goal.”

All seems calm, as he coolly states the facts of the matter, but then he drops a MASSIVE bombshell that will make Kim Jong Un think twice before messing with the USA.

“We need to make clear to North Korea…that if you attack any of our allies, or us, we have enough [missiles] to completely obliterate you…”

“And we will.”

WOW! That’s not something you hear every day from our pandering, liberal representatives. Thankfully it seems that, with President Trump in office, and with most of the US rallying against North Korea, there will be no delay in destroying that little fat man if he does decide to mess with us.

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