Conservative Actor SMACKS DOWN Gun Control Arguments with Some Common Sense

Most of Hollywood took advantage of the Florida school shooting to once again demand gun control. There weren’t any specific recommendations, just a lot of generic proclamations and hashtag activism.

One of America’s openly conservative actors, however, just cut through the useless rhetoric with some common sense.

Adam Baldwin, who made his mark in movies and TV shows like “Firefly,” “Chuck,” and “The Last Ship,” didn’t have a problem smacking down the easy argument that gun control will solve the problem of gun violence.

He was motivated to speak after Rep. Nancy Pelosi tweeted out for more gun control, while taking a swipe at those offering “thoughts and prayers.”

“Too many of these instances take place across the country. As leaders, we have a moral obligation to prevent them and protect our communities. We need more than thoughts and prayers. #EnoughIsEnough,” Pelosi tweeted after the scope of the tragedy became known.

Baldwin, who has a long record of defending conservative principles on Twitter, responded to Pelosi with some harsh reality and a huge dose of common sense. “Pelosi again demanding gun control. Again, the shooter was stopped by people with firearms. Schools need armed security and volunteer staff members with CCW (concealed carry weapon),” he added.

Baldwin also retweeted a lot of information that cuts to the heart of the issue, including the use of psychiatric drugs causing violent behavior in children.

He also had an observation for Democrats who show hypocrisy in supporting keeping students safe, but support the horrific practice of abortion.

On the classic sci-fi show “Firefly,” Baldwin’s character of Jayne Cobb was obsessed with his personal gun, which he named “Vera.”

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