Conservative comedian rips into free-speech hating college liberals, and it is glorious

UMass College hosted an event titled “The Triggering,” which was slated to discuss the excesses of political correctness. As expected, a group of liberal “social justice warriors” crashed the event and immediately began heckling in order to shut the event down.

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder was called upon to give an “opening statement” and this glorious smackdown ensued.

If I wasn’t so busy laughing my head off I would’ve been somewhat embarrassed for those Social Justice Wieners, as they were COMPLETELY out of their depth.

Rule number one in heckling a comedian: Don’t do it.

Rule number two in heckling a comedian: DON’T DO IT!

They are wittier than you are, and even if that weren’t true…

They have a microphone, and it is louder than you will ever be.

Also, they know how to deal with rowdies, no working comedian has made it to that status without learning how to do just that.

You can see the full 90 minutes of the event here.

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