Conservative Reporter Assaulted, Mainstream Media Cheers

Lucian Wintrich

Lucian Wintrich, a credentialed reporter for The Gateway Pundit, was verbally and physically accosted at a White House briefing late last week by another reporter.

Wintrich describes the attack by Fox News Radio reporter, John Decker, in a letter posted on the Gateway Pundit website.

I arrived at the White House Press Briefing Room on Friday and was simply standing in line for the bathroom. I was accosted by Fox’s Jon Decker, who loudly informed the entire room that I hate blacks, women, Hispanics, Jews, and other minorities. I was astounded.

Decker then blocked me from entering the rest room. He physically cornered me.

I took a few steps back, at which point he began asking, “Who is Pepe?” I told him that it was simply an internet meme, but that I really needed to use the restroom. When I attempted to inch past him, he physically shoved me. When I exited the men’s room, he was waiting outside, and stalked me into the briefing room.

At this point, things turned ugly. Mr. Decker grabbed my arm in a very aggressive manner, and loudly informed the roomful of MSM journalists that I was “anti-black, anti-Jew, anti-woman” and writing for a Nazi publication.

In an attempt to reason with him, I asked Mr. Decker if he had read anything I had ever written, or even anything on my employer’s website. He disregarded the question and continued to shout about my alleged bigotry and the website I represent.

Lucian Wintrich, shocked by the accusations, refutes the shrieking by Decker. Wintrich points out that his lifestyle and family history contradict the accusations. The young conservative reporter’s family fought against the Nazi’s in WWII with the Polish resistance, is also gay and dating a Hispanic. The idea that he is an intolerant Nazi is simply illogical.

The response of the media? The Gateway Pundit outlines the response.

According to Politico the liberal reporters in the room cheered the assault.

The Washington Post and conservative(?) Daily Caller accused The Gateway Pundit of being a conspiracy website. We aren’t the ones running a Russian conspiracy on the front page for four months straight.

The Washington Times called the confrontation a “clash.”

Imagine the media’s response if a Trump administration had acted towards a reporter in that fashion?

President Trump held the “fake news” media responsible for accuracy in reporting and the story was misrepresented by mainstream media for days. A conservative reporter is verbally harassed, accused of blatant lies, and physically assaulted by a colleague and the media cheered.

The real threat.

The media holds a powerful influence on the hearts and minds of Americans. The media consider themselves the fourth “check and balance” on American government.

In reality the media are nothing more than mainstream bullies. Those who do not comply will be ridiculed, ostracized, and then physically attacked.

Recent events exemplify the real purpose of mainstream media, to spread leftist propaganda. All others will be dealt with accordingly.

It’s no wonder, however, that the general public no longer trusts the media.

Now, what are you going to do about it?

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