BE COOL DONALD! Trump jokes about his strategy to win (HILARIOUS VIDEO)

be cool

be cool

Donald Trump has revealed his strategy to win the Presidency as the campaign winds down: BE COOL.

At a rally in Pensacola, Florida, Trump joked about his approach to voters in the last week of the campaign. He then mimicked what we assume are his advisors and handlers, who insist he “be nice and cool.” He also stressed that he was told “Stay on point, Donald.”

The strategy seems to be working, as he has climbed in the polls by not giving the media or Hillary Clinton ammunition to attack him. He also seems content to let Hillary sink her own campaign. He has allowed her scandals to remain the headline, and even remarked that lately, she has been “unhinged.”

Watch the video for yourself, which shows a confident Trump who is staying on point. And being cool.

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