Black Supremacist DEMANDS Whites Pay Him “Slave Money” – Says Whites Need to Be “Trained Like Dogs”

Black Supremacist Gazi Kodzo

A YouTuber by the name of Gazi Kodzo uploaded a video claiming that all white people owe him reparations, because, you know, “racism,” and “slavery.”

The man, despite his 46,000 subscribers on YouTube, received an enormously negative rating on his video—a sign that the people of America still have some common sense.

In case you don’t want to lose half of your brain cells and waste 5 minutes of your life, here’s the summary. He starts off by saying that “white Jesus,” came to him, and said that white men need to be “trained,” just like “dogs.”

He then goes on to ask 5 “well trained,” white people whether or not they owe him money for being white…and they all eagerly say yes, with ridiculous explanations.

One man, who said his name was Prince, says that all white people owe reparations, because “as a white person, I sit on the pedestal of colonialism and slavery that built not only the wealth of this country, but the whole European world.”

He then goes on to say something that sounds almost like a threat: “Therefore, all white people owe reparations…and we’re coming to get it. Yeah, we’re coming to get it.”

One woman, who looks like she’s a teacher, says the following:

“Every white person does owe reparations and that is because we owe that money for the colonial oppression that our ancestors have done to African people, and it continues to this day right here in the US.”

“Not just all over the world, but here in the US. So all white people, no matter who you are, you do owe reparations, you owe them right now, and you need to pay them right now.”

“And you can go to and click on the button that says reparations. That’s what you need to do, you need to do it now.”

The angry black man, known as Gazi Kodzo, then goes on to call these white people “cave beasts,” and demands that people with “toilet seat complexions,” pay reparations immediately.

Then, to end the video, they show off their shirts which proclaim: “White solidarity with black power.” I wonder how the liberal media would be reacting if a white man demanded every black person owed him money, and had a shirt that said “Black solidarity with white power.” Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this video is not satire. It is not a joke, it is not some sort of prank…this is a real YouTube channel, and the website that he references is real as well. It’s sad to think that 8 years of an African American president actually made the race relations in this country as bad as they were in the early 1900’s.

In addition to Gazi’s racist and hateful YouTube channel, he also posts numerous anti-white Twitter posts, as can be seen below:

He re-tweeted the tweet above, which has a link to an innocent white woman being punched in the face by a black girl, which was seemingly unprovoked.

Interesting how Milo Yiannopolous, known as @Nero on Twitter, was banned for giving a harsh review of the feminist reboot of Ghost Busters, but #BLM activists like this guy can spread anti-white rhetoric to their heart’s content.

It’s almost like Twitter has an anti-conservative agenda.

If you’re PISSED OFF that Twitter and YouTube haven’t banned this black supremacist yet, please give this article a share.

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