GRANDMA Pelosi Begs Crowd to Applaud Her VERY AWKWARD Speech

Nancy Pelosi speech

Nancy Pelosi has always been a liberal loon, but her general grasp of reality seems to be seriously slipping as well. A speech she gave yesterday is proof.

The House Minority Leader, who spoke at a Families USA event yesterday, rambled on about a variety of subjects. She used several words incorrectly, and identified John Kasich as the governor of Illinois (spoiler: it’s Ohio).

She not only couldn’t get Martin Luther King’s name right, she falsely quoted him on the healthcare debate.

The most pathetic moment came when she had to prompt the crowd to applaud her speech.

The American Mirror caught the whole awkward thing. Watch this insane video of the worst Nancy Pelosi speech ever.

Remember when the media mocked President Trump for misspeaking about Frederick Douglass? Anyone recall when the media tried to pin a mistake in a Department of Education tweet on Betsy DeVos herself? That same scrutiny of every single word is not applied to Democrats.

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