Congressional FREAK-SHOW: G.O.P. Means ‘GET OLD PEOPLE!’ (CRAZY VID)

Rosa DeLauro

In case you think the debate over the Obamacare repeal has not been crazy enough, just sit down. We have some video to show you.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) spoke this morning on the American Health Care Act, the legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare. DeLauro took the rhetoric level to over 9000, when she accused the GOP of standing for “Get Old People.” The 74-year-old Democrat seems to forget that Obamacare left millions of seniors uninsured or underinsured with their cuts to Medicare programs.

Democrats continue to return to the trough of fear-mongering, because it continues to work. Most of the Democrats’ talking points on the Obamacare repeal rarely see a fact check. Their rhetoric is never called to account. So, Republicans will continue to be vilified and accused of wanting to kill old people in favor of special interests. The absurdity of that arguemtn is hardly questioned by the media.

You might be surprised to learn that there even was a Congresswoman named Rosa DeLauro. Despite being in Congress for over 25 years, she has done little to make a name for herself. She has few political accomplishments of note, so she is hardly even known outside of her state.

DeLauro’s hidden agenda

DeLauro, however, does have an ulterior motive to ensuring Obamacare stays in place. Before joining the House of Representatives, DeLauro served as executive director for Emily’s List, a feminist, pro-abortion political group. With Planned Parenthood getting millions in funding from Obamacare, DeLauro has a vested interest in ensuring that it does not get repealed.

With the Democrats pushing to undermine the Republican majority and President Trump’s agenda, however, it is all hands on deck. That means Democrats like DeLauro are being called on to be attack dogs for the liberal left. Instead, we get ranting and raving on the floor of the House that makes for a pretty decent viral video.

What in God’s name is in the water in Connecticut? DeLauro has been in Congress since 1991, so her voters have had plenty of chances to replace her in Congress. Instead, they voted for someone who would scream insanities just to win a political argument.

Watch and see for yourself. You might want to hide the children first.

H/T: Twitchy

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