CRYBABY LeBron James just INSULTED Donald Trump on the cover of Sports Illustrated (PHOTO)

LeBron James Donald Trump

LeBron James Donald Trump

Lot of people dislike LeBron James. Conservatives now have a new reason. The NBA’s biggest crybaby prima donna just cannot get over the results of the election.

Today, Sports Illustrated named James “Sportsperson of the Year.” The NBA MVP brought home Cleveland’s first sports championship in decades this year. When James posed for the cover, however, he chose to take a passive-aggressive swipe at President Elect Donald Trump. Here is the cover.

LeBron James Donald Trump

Did you miss it? It might be hard to catch. Here’s a zoomed-in version of the photo, with the “insult” highlighted.

Lebron James Donald Trump

That’s right, LeBron James is wearing a safety pin. It is the liberal symbol of “concern” that Donald Trump is going to be a big old meanie to them once he becomes President.

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Before the election, James appeared at a Cleveland rally voicing support for Hillary Clinton. He also penned a column endorsing her. He recently refused to stay in a Trump hotel while he traveled.

Here’s a selection from the Sports Illustrated article, where James mention Trump. He voices misgivings about Trump directly. The safety pin he’s wearing makes it clear how he feels.

James and his wife stayed up until 4 a.m., watching the state and the country choose Donald Trump. “When I was growing up, I didn’t have my father, so you looked up to people in positions of power,” James says. “It could be athletes or actors or leaders, like presidents. I think parents could use some of those people as role models. But when we elect a president who speaks in a disrespectful way a lot, I don’t know that we can use him in our household.” The next morning, James and Savannah ate breakfast, before the Cavaliers flew to D.C. for their championship ceremony with President Barack Obama. “I think we’re going to have to do more,” he told his wife. “I think we’re going to have to step it up more.”

And so, James wears a safety pin.

James may also be upset that Ohio, his home state and where his greatest fan base is located, voted for Trump. Maybe his opinion doesn’t matter as much as he hoped. But hey, he wore a safety pin. That’ll show Donald Trump!

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