Customers Furious After Popular Sports Bar Silences National Anthem on 9/11

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At a sports bar in Riverside County, California, controversy has erupted after an employee refused to let his customers listen to the national anthem being sung before Monday Night Football. Unfortunately, this happened to be on the 16-year anniversary of 9/11.

A customer who identified herself as Lori said that the employee refused to play the sound of the national anthem for one game, but played it for the game before. When asked why, he said that the anthem was “too controversial,” and that it was “company policy” not to play it.

Thankfully, Lori snapped a picture of the employee and posted it on social media, which immediately started going viral. It seems that the picture has since been taken down after the manager of Buffalo Wild Wings, the sports bar in question, apologized.

CBS Los Angeles reports:

EASTVALE (CBSLA) — The National Anthem is the focus of controversy again, this time at a bar in Riverside County.

Customers at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Eastvale say an employee refused to let them hear the anthem before an NFL game Monday night – which happened to be the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

A customer who identified herself as Lori said the employee refused to play the sound of the anthem for one game, but played it for the game before.

When he was asked why, the employee — who was not identified – said the anthem is too controversial, and it was company policy not to play it.

“No one understood what was so controversial. It’s 9/11, it’s a sporting event, why is it controversial?” she said.

Lori took the employee’s picture and posted it on social media, where it spread quickly. She said a manager on Monday apologized immediately for that employee’s behavior.

Ed Anderson, a man who claims to have been there, also made an in depth Facebook post on Tuesday claiming that he’s called corporate multiple times and has yet to receive a response. Many conservatives are furious that a restaurant in our very own country could refuse to play the national anthem on television.

“So on the anniversary of 9/11 when 2996 people gave their lives….the manager at the Eastvale, California [Buffalo Wild Wings] turned down the volume of the national anthem during the Monday night football game,” he says.

“After tons of calls to corporate there has been no formal response condemning this action,” he adds. “One can just imagine they might be throwing this manager under the bus as they prepare to backtrack on a statement since it has taken so long to respond.”

While it is unclear whether corporate condemns or condones this lone employee’s actions, the owner of World Wide Wings, LLC has come on the record to apologize. Regardless, this will be a massive media fiasco for the popular sports bar. We’ve seen it with nearly every single liberal company that’s attacked Donald Trump or conservatives in the past year, from Starbucks to Kellogg’s.

Unfortunately for the liberals in this country, they’re beginning to discover that it truly is conservatives who have the purchasing power to push this country forward.

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