Dan Rather finds religion, wants God to rescue him from Trump

Dan Rather

Disgraced journalist Dan Rather has never been a fan of faith. Not Christian faith anyway. During his time at CBS News, and even after he was fired for his fake news on President George W. Bush, he attacked Christians and the religious right. In 2007, in a report for HD TV, Rather went after Christian military members wanting to assemble and exercise their faith.

Suddenly, however, Rather has found religion. But only because he hates Donald Trump so much.

In a lengthy Facebook post he released yesterday, Dan Rather said now was a time to pray for deliverance from Donald Trump. After years of supporting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Rather is now concerned about the direction of the country. He pleads to Americans “if you are a praying person, today is a day to pray for the future of your country.”

Rather’s rambling Facebook post comes in response to FBI director James Comey’s testimony before Congress on Monday. Saying the Trump presidency has left us in surreal and dangerous times, he pushes the Russian conspiracy talking points. “Now there are serious and credible allegations about whether those close to Mr. Trump may have been colluding with the Kremlin,” he said.

He also tweeted that people pray, which led to liberals attacking Christians and religion in general. Here is an example.

Dan Rather

So much for Rather’s intent to bring unity. He only seems to be sowing division and animosity towards Christians.

It should be noted that Rather has been after Trump for some time. He even predicted that America would reject Trump on Election Day. “To anyone who still pretends this is a normal election of Republican against Democrat, history is watching. And I suspect its verdict will be harsh,” he said before the votes were cast.

That prediction turned out to be a little off.

Here is the full statement Rather posted on Facebook.

If you are a praying person, today is a day to pray for the future of your country. I have seen a lot in my decades in the press, but I have never seen a day like this. This is a stress test for our democratic institutions and one can only hope that the system of checks and balances we hold so dear, can indeed hold.

The statements by FBI Director James Comey in testimony today about Russian interference in the 2016 election were jaw dropping. It should be also noted that both he and NSA director, Adm. Mike Rogers, categorically denied that there was any evidence to support Mr. Trump’s repeated allegations that Trump Tower was wiretapped by President Obama. That we do know. But it must be noted how much we do not know. We cannot afford to back off on investigating, fully, completely, and openly, allegations that are anathema to the spirit of our republic. But we cannot also afford to jump to conclusions. We want answers. We want to know more. That is natural. But patience will be required. It is better that this plays out in a systematic way. It is for all these reasons that I think a careful bipartisan investigation is essential.

Mr. Trump’s poll numbers dropped before this news, to below 40 percent. A blip? A trend? We will find out. If they continue to drop, many Republicans in Congress will likely go from support for Mr. Trump to agnosticism to maybe antagonism. That’s what happened with Richard Nixon. In the meantime, it will be hard to see how President Trump will get much of his agenda through under this shadow. The power of the presidency is strong, but it is not impenetrable.

Expect regular headlines about the Kremlin in your daily news feeds. For those of you old enough to remember the Cold War, this may seem like deja vu. But the nature of the threat is fundamentally different. In those days, there was a united front against Russian interference, overt or covert. Now there are serious and credible allegations about whether those close to Mr. Trump may have been colluding with the Kremlin. Colluding with the Kremlin, sounds like a spy novel, but it remains a big and unproven allegation. Let the facts point the way. And I hope men and women of all political faiths can rally to support the continual functioning of government in these surreal and dangerous times.

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